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3 Natural ingredients that are harmful to beauty treatment

3 Natural ingredients that are harmful to beauty treatment

Although it is good to practice beauty with natural ingredients, in some cases the opposite can happen.

Although honey or lemon juice is a widely used natural ingredient in beauty treatments, it is not always used properly.

According to a report published in Well and, a dermatologist of Indian descent from North Carolina, Dr. Munib Shah talks about some of the traditional beauty products that are not effective for the skin.

1. The use of honey on acne should be omitted

Things to do – Use benzyl peroxide

Although it has antibacterial properties, its efficacy is limited to acne. Excessive use reduces its effectiveness.

Therefore, experts recommend the use of benzoyl peroxide in the treatment of acne. Honey heals skin lesions and benzyl peroxide is clinically at the forefront of accelerating acne.

So it is more effective to use benzyl peroxide instead of honey.

1. Do not use lemon juice to reduce stains

Things to do – Use of tritinoin, hydroquinone and azalaic acid

Many people use vitamin C rich lemons as vitamin C is effective in reducing scars.

However, Dr. Shah suggested the use of tritinoin, hydroquinone and azelaic acid instead of citrus to solve the problem of scars.

Tritinoin is a powerful retinoid that enhances cell proliferation. As a result, the production of melanin is blocked and the skin becomes brighter. Hydroquinone is another ingredient that acts as a bleach on the skin. Azelaic acid helps reduce skin blemishes caused by acne.

3. Exclude Use of bandage for wrinkles

Things to do – Use Tritinoin and SPF

The use of tritinoin and sunscreen to increase the effectiveness of ‘effective’ results in wrinkles is a great solution, said Dr. Shah.

Studies have shown that regular SPF use reduces wrinkles and age spots. With daily use, the impression of age becomes much lighter.

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