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5 habits that keep the lungs good

5 habits that keep the lungs good

What are the good habits for the lungs? Such a report is published on the website ‘Real Simple’ in the According of the advice of several experts. Details were given based on that.

1. Regular Exercise:

The Chief Medical Officer of the American Lung Association, Dr. Albert Rizo said “Our lungs are a ‘pump’, and it depends on the different muscles in the chest. So to keep the lungs ‘pumping’, those chest muscles have to be kept active and functional. This is why cardio exercise is most beneficial. This exercise requires a maximum of 20 to 30 minutes a day.”

Exercise instructor Gunnar Peterson said, “Walking is an excellent ‘cardio’ exercise. Walking up and down is beneficial. Aerobic exercise is also very effective as cardio.”

However, even if you can not exercise 20 to 30 minutes daily, there is no reason to despair. Give yourself credit for as much as you can. Exercise a little but keep the habit regular.

2. Vitamin D:

Almost everyone knows that bones need vitamin D. However, the lungs also need this vitamin. Lack of it can lead to reduced lung function and even structural changes, experts claim.

Vitamin D needs can be met from fatty fish, egg yolks, cheese, supplements etc.

It is important to ensure adequate supply of vitamin D for people with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (CODD).

3. Inhale, exhale:

The stress of daily life worsens the condition of the body, as well as the respiratory system. Breathing in and breathing out is a habit of ‘breathing exercises’ – stress can be brought under control.

‘Diaphragmatin Breathing’ and ‘Pursed Lip Breathing’ increase the strength of the lungs and protect against lung infections.

Kelly Green, a meditation instructor and Mindset coach in the United States, said: Match the feeling of peace. Many people forget to breathe when they are mentally stressed.”

4. Adequate sleep:

Lack of sleep can be a threat to the body’s immune system, even if it is not known exactly how much sleep is necessary for the lungs.

Dr. Rizo said, “Even today, it is not known exactly how sleep benefits the body. However, the importance of sleep in various protective activities of the body is known. There is no speed without sleep, especially in repairing damaged muscles. And any disease with a weakened immune system can easily injure a person.”

5. Quit unhealthy habits:

Dr. Rizo said “Smoking, vaping, etc. should be eliminated first, “.

Stay away from smoke from cars, factories, burnt wood etc. Choose a place where the air is fresh to exercise.

You have to be careful not to have a lot of people around.

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