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5 Home Remedies for Acne and 5 unknown cause of acne

5 Home Remedies for Acne and 5 unknown cause of acne

It is important to keep the skin clean, exfoliated and moisturized to keep acne free.
Common acne problems can be treated with home care without consulting a doctor.

A report published on a beauty website reveals some of these home remedies.

Five Home Remedies for Acne

1.Tea tree oil:

Take one drop of tea tree oil in daily cleanser to reduce acne. This oil helps reduce white and black heads.

2. Green Tea:

It is rich in anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Put two tablespoons of green tea leaves in a cup of hot water for 10 minutes. Then dip a cotton ball in it and apply it on the acne affected area, wait for 10 minutes and wash it off.

3. The white part of the egg:

The egg tightens the hair follicles of the skin. Mix honey with egg white and apply on face. Wash off after 10 to 15 minutes.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Contains antibiotics that kill bacteria and reduce acne.

Mix one part vinegar with two parts distilled water. Use it as a toner on acne affected areas.

5. Ice:

Ice works very well to reduce acne problems. Ice eliminates infection and reduces redness.

Climate change, pollution, dust, misuse of cosmetics, etc. can cause acne and rashes on the skin, these are the reasons everyone knows. However, there are some other reasons why skin acne can be a problem.
Here are some common causes for acne on a beauty website.

Five unknown cause of acne


The health website reports on a dermatologist who advises his patients to brush their teeth before washing their face. This is because toothpaste contains certain ingredients that can cause skin discomfort.

Toothpaste can cause skin irritation and dry skin. In addition, the bacteria inside the mouth mixed with toothpaste can cause acne if it gets around the lips. The hydrogen peroxide, fluoride, alcohol, essential oil and menthol in toothpaste are the most harmful for the skin.

2. Hair cosmetics:

Shampoo foam or foam-making ingredients come in contact with the skin and increase the amount of bacteria growing. On the other hand, the oily ingredients in the conditioner close the pores of the skin.

So it is possible to avoid the possibility of acne on the skin by washing the face after using hair shampoo and conditioner.

3. Pillow cover:

Oils and germs that accumulate on the scalp and skin get stuck on the pillow cover while sleeping at night. And it causes bacteria, which can cause acne on the skin.

So experts recommend taking a bath before going to bed at night. Moreover, changing the pillow cover at least once a week can be beneficial.

4. Tech accessories and sunglasses:

Mobile phones, headphones get skin oil, sweat, dust, which come in contact with the skin again and create bacteria. Similarly, sunglasses also increase the growth of bacteria in the skin.

So phones, headphones and sunglasses should be wiped clean before use.

5. Towels:

Makeup brushes, sponges, powder puffs need to be cleaned regularly. Otherwise the skin may be damaged. However, many people do not remember that they need to clean their towels regularly. Using unclean towels can cause acne and pimples on the skin.

For this, you have to wash the towel after each use.

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