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5 Things that need to be discussed before consenting to marriage

5 Things that need to be discussed before consenting to marriage

Whether you choose to be married or not, it is important to talk openly with your mate.
This makes it less of a problem in the long run.

According to a report published in, there are some common and necessary things that need to be confirmed before consenting to marriage, thus reducing the chances of marital discord.

1. Financial matters:

It is considered bad by many to talk about financial matters before marriage, on the other hand it is an important issue in the future. Knowing each other’s spending habits will help you make informed decisions about the future.

2. Opinions about having children:

Before starting life together, it is necessary to have an idea about the opinion of the partner about having children. Whether the desire to have children or how many children to be interested in is discussed before the marriage is settled, then there will be no quarrel in the marriage.

3. Marital planning:

Sex plays an important role in married life. So it is easy to get rid of unnecessary problems by openly discussing your partner’s wishes or opinions.

4. Opinions about single or extended family:

After marriage, the partner is not interested in forming a single family – it is necessary to have an idea about whether the parents want to live together. The companion is not a god that can be understood without speaking his mind, so if you talk openly with him about these issues before marriage, then you will be freed from unpleasant incidents like breaking up the family.

5. Long-term planning:

The partner needs to be interested in the long-term plan, not just the current situation. This makes the understanding between each other better. And planning for the future is easy. Otherwise, Disagreement of mind in small matters can take a big form.

Although marriage is a matter of mutual understanding between two people. No specific rule is 100% effective here. However, in most cases, these issues become the root cause of the problem and in many cases it is possible to reduce it through understanding if desired.

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