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8 easy ways to take care of eyes

8 easy ways to take care of eyes

Most of the time, watching mobile or TV will cause eye strain. There are simple solutions.
Looking at mobile or computer was already a normal image of our daily life. Almost everyone used to warn each other about its harmful effects on the eyes.

And now as long as a person is awake, almost all the time his eyes are on the screen of one or another ‘device’.

Playing games, watching videos, office work, online meetings, talking to relatives are all now on mobile or computer. All in all, there is a lot of stress going on in my eyes every day. Excluding them again, it seems difficult to spend time.

In such a situation, how to reduce the pressure on the eyes, a little care can be taken?

Ramesh Pillai, head of the optometry and training department at Titan Eye Care in India, said in a report published on a health website: There may be pain in the neck, back and shoulders. This problem is also called ‘Computer Vision Syndrome’ or ‘Digital Eye Strain’. Which later leads to various big problems.”

1. Break:

Prolonged staring at the electric screen puts pressure on the eye and dries it out. So every twenty minutes you have to make a habit of looking at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This rule is also known as 20-20-20. This will relax the eyes and reduce stress.

Blinking: The level of blinking decreases when you look at the electric screen. And this is the main reason why the eyes become dry. Eyelid moisturizes the eyes, reduces dryness and inflammation. So increase the amount of blinking on your own.

2. Increasing the font:

When reading something on mobile or computer, you have to increase the text by increasing their ‘font’. The device does not have to be brought close to the eyes or the eyes do not have to look wrinkles for better viewing. This will reduce the strain on the eyes as well as the level of damage due to being away from the device.

3. Eye Screen:

By changing the brightness, resolution, and contrast of the electric screen, you need to know how to make it eye-friendly. Try to refrain from using electric screen in hot sun. The screen of the device should be cleaned at least once a day to make it easier to see.

4. Device test:

Pay attention to how to reduce the brightness by changing the ‘settings’ of the monitor. The height of the monitor should be parallel to the eye. This also reduces the pressure on the eyes.

5. Keeping distance from the screen:

It is very close to the eyes when using mobile. It causes more damage to the eyes as well as neck pain due to leaning towards the mobile. So you have to make a habit of watching the mobile screen from a distance. You have to make a habit of holding the mobile parallel to the eyes without bending the neck. And you have to take care that the ‘brightness’ of the mobile is tolerable for the eyes.

6. Reflection reduction:

Monitor should be away from windows. You should also refrain from operating the computer while sitting facing the window. Whether you have eye problems or not, you should use glasses with anti-reflection or blue coating while operating the computer. All ‘LED devices’ emit blue light harmful to the eyes which can cause great damage if the level of contact is excessive.

7. Foods beneficial for the eyes:

To reduce ‘digital eye strain’, foods rich in vitamins and minerals should be included in the diet. Get enough sleep at night and ensure eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. Leafy vegetables, carrots, papaya, dates, etc. are excellent sources of Vitamin A which are essential for good eye health.

8. Moisture in the eyes:

‘Omega 3 oil’ keeps the eyes slippery and adds moisture. Flaxseed oil, salmon and sardines are ideal sources of omega three oils. ‘Supplements’ can also be taken as per the advice of the doctor. You can also use eye lubricating drops, especially for those who use contact lenses. However, it is necessary to consult a doctor here.

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