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Diet to boost metabolism

Diet to boost metabolism

As metabolism decreases with age, problems such as fatigue, hair fall, headache etc. may appear.

In order to stay healthy after turning fifty, you need to add new habits to your daily life, and some habits need to be changed.

For example, taking regular medical advice, exercising and eating foods that ensure good health.

One of the many weaknesses that appear in the body with age is a decrease in metabolism. Due to which fatigue increases, hair falls, frequent headaches, weight gain.

Although it is not possible to completely stop the deterioration of the body with age, it is possible to slow it down. Top 5 eating habits to speed up belly fat loss in your 50s

Increasing pepper consumption

Nutritionist Lauren Manaker is the author of the books ‘First Time Mom’s Pregnancy Cookbook’, ‘The Seven Ingredient Pregnancy Cookbook’ and ‘Fueling Male Fertility’.

In a report published on, he said, “Increasing the amount of chili added to the daily food increases the digestibility. Pepper contains ‘capsaicinoids’ called ‘capsaicin’. Mainly the main ingredient of this benefit.”

Research by Bioscience Reports says, ‘Capsaicin’ has various health benefits. It is especially effective in reducing weight and improving digestion in obese people.


Manaker said, “One of the body’s processes of burning calories is ‘thermogenesis’. And research has shown that ginger speeds up this process. Ginger also plays an important role in reducing the risk of inflammation in the body, controlling blood pressure, maintaining sugar balance, activating the ‘gastrointestinal tract’, etc.”

Ginger is beneficial for weight loss. Chief among these properties are the phytochemicals in ginger that act as antioxidants.


Manaka advises, “Oats and other whole grains are helpful in building a healthy digestive system. Whole-grain foods are very beneficial for improving a person’s digestion while lying down or sitting.”

Oats keep the stomach full for longer and help burn more fat. Because the level of ‘resistant starch’ in oats is high. This ‘starch’ bypasses the digestive process and reaches the intestine where it becomes food for beneficial bacteria. It maintains the balance of the ‘microbiome’ in the gut.


Manaker advises to eat dark chocolate, which has a high level of flavonoids.

He also said, “Research published in ‘Molecule’ magazine in 2018 shows that consuming 2 grams of dark chocolate with 70 percent cocoa per day regularly for six months increases the body’s ability to digest sugars.”

The comparison is – in the same way with those who ate ‘milk chocolate’ instead of ‘dark chocolate’.

But whatever chocolate you eat, you have to watch the quantity. Eating more will make you gain weight faster.

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