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Do you have to avoid white rice and bread if you exercise?

Do you have to avoid white rice and bread if you exercise?

Refined flour, flour, rice – meaning white carbohydrates are actually not harmful if they can be adapted to regular exercise.

At the beginning of becoming health conscious, people cut out carbohydrates. But the problem is that if these nutrients do not go to the stomach and regular exercise, the body will gradually lose strength, muscle density will decrease, and ‘exercise flu’ may appear.

In an interview given to, the American sports nutrition coach Dr. Mike Molloy.

There is no such thing as a bad carb

Dr. John Hopkins Medicine.”The body breaks down carbohydrates into glucose, ” says Nestorus Mathiodakis. This is our main source of manpower. Brain, heart, liver, muscles all need this glucose.”

Another American nutritionist, Iling Tsai, said, “A common misconception is that carbohydrates from white rice, pasta, bread, potatoes, etc. are harmful. It is true that these processed foods provide more dietary fiber than whole grains or brown foods, but it would be wrong to call them harmful. They’re just different.”

“Whole grain” foods contain the bran, the germ, and endosperm. Refined white carbohydrates contain only endosperm.

Germ and bran contain dietary fiber, B vitamins, and other minerals. The endosperm contains proteins and carbohydrates.

New York nutritionist Shana Spence told, “The more fiber you eat with carbohydrates, the more slowly the body breaks it down, so blood sugar levels don’t spike.”

A ‘fast carb’ can be good before exercise

“It’s best to eat carbohydrates that are low in dietary fiber before exercise, ” says Molloy. Because it will break down quickly in the body and add energy. Such foods are called ‘fast carb’, ‘quick carb’ etc. It could be oatmeal or banana bread.”

Nevada sports medicine physician John M. Martinez said “The body needs carbohydrates and protein again after exercise to restore muscle glycogen levels, For this, it is necessary to eat carbohydrates that are high in fiber such as red rice, whole grain pasta, quinoa, etc.”

Don’t worry about the type of carb

British Dietetic Association registered dietitian Priya Tew says, “If you exercise regularly, you don’t need to worry too much about what kind of carbohydrates you eat and when. Eat within one to two hours after exercise. I do so. A ‘fast carb’ before exercise is only necessary when you have not eaten for a long time.”

Calories and protein are essential

Three things are important to keep the body healthy. The calorie level should be slightly less than the body needs, exercise regularly, and eat enough protein.

No need to worry too much about carbohydrates. You have to be patient. The body never becomes healthy overnight.

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