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Don’ts for eczema-prone skin

Don'ts for eczema-prone skin

You must be careful of four things.

Usually, acne and eczema do not appear together on the skin. But there are exceptions.

Both are skin inflammations, the manifestations of the two problems are also different. Eczema is a dry, flaky, itchy skin.

And acne occurs as a pus-filled rash on oily skin, causing inflammation in the pores.

Heather Ullery-Elloyd, a board-certified dermatologist in Miami, said in a report published on Well&, “Dry skin also has acne. So it is not impossible to have acne and eczema together.”

Lots of moisture to cure eczema. And to cure acne, it is necessary to reduce skin oil. So some things cannot be done to deal with the situation.

Treatment of acne that dries out the skin

Acne treatments often involve removing excess oil from the skin. Now if you are prone to eczema that is another problem.

Eczema-prone skin is already very dry, making it even drier will make both eczema and acne worse.

‘Benzal Peroxide’, ‘Witch Hazel’ etc. cannot be used in this case. Rather, ‘retinoids’ can be used as per the advice of a dermatologist.

The dose must be determined by the doctor, otherwise eczema may worsen.

Retinoid gels can be used for sensitive skin. They should be used in very small quantities.

And if there is burning or any discomfort, it should be used after a couple of days.

Over cleaning

Keeping the skin clean is essential for treating acne. However, overdoing it will increase the dryness of the skin.

Dr. Elloyd says, “Using mild cleansers is by far the safest, If there is a possibility of eczema, it is better not to use brushes, scrubs, ‘exfoliators’. If you have to ‘exfoliate’, choose cosmetics rich in ‘mandelic’ or ‘lactic acid’.”

Skip the moisturizer

Acne prone skin increases the tendency to not use moisturizer.

“Moisturizer is very important for good skin, ” says Lloyd. A ‘ceramide based moisturizer’ for dry acne-prone skin. This moisturizer will increase the tolerance of ‘retinoids’ used in the treatment of eczema. It also protects the biological layer of the skin.”

Immediate treatment

“Eczema-prone skin can’t be treated immediately when acne occurs, to begin with a drug or cosmetic, take time to understand the skin’s reaction. Multiple medicines cannot be applied to the skin at once,” says Elloid.

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