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Effect of cheese on waist growth

Effect of cheese on waist growth

There are good and bad sides to cheese.

Depending on the amount of cheese consumed, belly fat will increase or not.

Due to the easy availability of different types and flavors of cheese, cheese or cheese has become an essential ingredient in pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and other tasty ‘fast foods’. Even healthy salads are eaten with grated cheese.

Effects of cheese on health – good and bad.

“The amount of cheese you eat will tell you whether it’s good or bad for your waistline, ” says Lisa Young, a certified nutritionist in the US, author of the books ‘Finally Full, Finally Slim’ and ‘The Portion Tailor Plan’.

Good side

In a report published on, Lisa Young said, “Cheese has two benefits. It contains protein and helps in weight loss. Due to the presence of protein, cheese keeps the stomach full for a long time, thereby reducing the amount of food consumed. Since protein takes more time to digest, it stays in the stomach for a long time.”

According to the information of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, “low fat cottage cheese” has the highest amount of protein. A cup of this cheese provides about 24 grams of protein.”

“Partial non-dairy cheese is ideal for weight loss. In this case, ‘part-skim mozzarella cheese’ would be great. A cup of this cheese contains about 20 grams of protein.”

The bad side

Beneficial cheese becomes harmful if eaten in excess.

“Cheese is high in calories, . So no more than one to two ounces per day should be consumed. Eating more will make you gain weight faster. For example, two slices of Boar’s Head White American Cheese contain 110 calories. At first glance it may seem small. But if consumed regularly, calorie intake quickly reaches abnormal levels,” says Dr. Young.

Citing the research published in the”Nutrients” journal. Young said, “18 to 50-year-olds tend to gain weight faster when they eat more dairy products daily. Cheese should not be added to other protein foods.

For example, cheese should not be eaten with any food containing meat. Again, if there is egg in the salad, the cheese should be omitted.

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