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Embarrassing information about avocado: The world will be beautiful with a change in eating habits

Embarrassing information about avocado

Foods that require a lot of water to cultivate the need to be avoided, including avocados.

US climatologist Donna Collinson has changed her eating habits after watching a documentary. He is also an architect and co-founder of Domo, an online furniture store.

In a report published in the, Donna Collinson said, “In areas that once had a variety of flora and fauna due to the variety of plants, today there is green but no diversity.”

For the next six years, he stopped eating meat altogether. Foods from animal sources are chosen as alternative vegetables. In marketing, try to buy as much ‘organic’ food as possible.

The aim was to contribute to reducing the use of pesticides on land. This initiative of his has given him peace of mind.

Eating habits are not limited to maintaining human health, but controlled eating habits can save the world. And with the recent rise of eco-friendly eating habits, fast-food chains, starting with health-conscious people, are on the rise.

Now the question is what is environmentally friendly eating habits? And what has avocado got to do with it?

Lifesum Nutrition App’s Dr. lona Palda ‍says, “The name is not synonymous with ‘vegan’ and ‘vegetarian’, However, these are also part of the environmentally friendly eating habits.”

“Eating habits that are developed in order to reduce the amount of carbon that is released into the environment in order to produce food are called eco-friendly eating habits. When calculating carbon emissions, you have to take into account the processing, transportation, and waste of that food.”

“To save the world from environmental catastrophe, you need to choose locally produced, seasonal, unprocessed, and vegetable sources, ” he said. Excludes meat, dairy foods, and avocados, a fruit that requires a lot of water to grow.”

Timothy Lang, an unpaid professor of food policy at the City University of London, said: “About 34% of man-made greenhouse gases are in some way related to food production. There is not much discussion on this subject, which is a wonderful thing.”

He added that the issue was not discussed at the Global Climate Summit in Glasgow, also known as COP28. It does not say that deforestation and the use of charcoal are important, but that the reason behind deforestation is large to meet the food needs of the people. And that’s where the problem lies in meeting the ‘Net Zero’ goal of saving the environment and the world by 2050. So this problem has to be solved.”

How environmentally friendly a food grain is can be understood through an analysis of several aspects.

For example, how much energy is used to produce and store it or how much water is used to grow crops. In the case of meat, it is necessary to clean the factory or farm as it is suitable for food.

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