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Foods that make the brain age faster

Foods that make the brain age faster

Four foods can make the brain age faster.

It is good to fill the mind with interesting food, but the edge of the brain is also decreasing rapidly!

Because the foods we choose to snack on may be aging the brain faster.

According to Lisa Moskowitz, a New York-based nutritionist, “healthy body and mind should be eaten in moderation, with nutritious, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich foods.”

The author of the book ‘The Core Three Healthy Eating Plan’ also said in a report published on ‘It’s Not’, “Aging is inevitable. But diet can slow down this process as well as speed it up.”

And he said about four breakfasts that can make the brain grow old quickly.

Eating more sugary foods

You will like to eat sweet food. But any sugary food has bad effects on the body and brain.

“Baked foods, ice cream, candy, all kinds of sweets raise blood sugar levels, ” says Moskowitz. And if the blood sugar is constantly high, it has a bad effect on the brain activity. Because of this, the size of the cartilage increases and the size decreases.”


Family size means buying a big packet of chips and eating it while watching TV. However, the results of eating more of these chips are not good at all.

Lisa R. Young, another nutritionist in the United States, said that various studies have shown that if you start eating something from a big thong, you will eat more.

This author of the book ‘Finally Full, Finally Slim’ advises, “Take a little on the plate and sit down to eat.” Then eat it slowly and enjoy it.”

According to the results of research conducted by the Mayo Clinic in Arizona and the American Academy of Neurology, overeating can double the memory power.

If excess calories are consumed continuously, memory loss may occur as well as mental impairment.

Drinking liquid calories

This list includes a variety of soft drinks, juices, sherbets, smoothies, teas, etc.

A study led by the Boston University School of Medicine, published in the journal Stroke, found that people who drank artificially sweetened beverages at least once a day were three times more likely to develop stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.

“These sugar-sweetened liquids are loaded with unnecessary calories, ” says nutritionist Young.

Eating too much processed food

Similarly, over-processed foods have bad effects on the body.

“Burgers, pizza, white flour bread, French fries, candy, cakes, baked goods — anything made with processed flour is high in saturated fat, ” says Moskowitz. Which creates disturbance in overall body activity. And if you eat more of these foods, the brain power will decrease, the power of not remembering will increase.

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