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Foods that reduce hair loss

Foods that reduce hair loss

Reduce hair loss by eating food rather than by applying it.

There are some foods that are effective in preventing hair loss.

During the hot season, sweat, dust accumulates and the hair becomes weak and brittle. And to solve this problem, Indian nutritionist Rujuta Devakar mentioned the names of some foods in a report published on

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds are the most beneficial food for hair health.

Add some fenugreek seeds to the warm coconut oil and wait for it to cool down. Then massage it on the scalp and leave it all night.

Some fenugreek can also be added to dinner or khichuri.

Similarly, fenugreek seeds can be added to vegetables like pumpkin or raita to enhance their taste. These seeds help regulate the hormones responsible for hair loss by improving insulin response.

Olive Seed (Garden Cress or Halim Seed)

Unconventional but beneficial for hair. Although it looks similar to a castor bean, it is smaller in size and reddish brown in color.

These seeds should be soaked overnight. And drink with milk at night. Iron-rich seeds can be eaten rolled with coconut and ghee.


Nutmeg mixed with a little milk, it is beneficial to take it at night. Its vitamin B6, folic acid and magnesium help reduce hair fall and stress.

other materials

Ghee- It is an essential fat. Turmeric – It boosts immunity. Yogurt – contains minerals and probiotic bacteria.

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