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The drink that you drink in the morning will clean your stomach

The drink that you drink in the morning will clean your stomach

If you develop healthy habits, the intestines will be healthy.

Not just water, there are various drinks that are good for the gut.

In order to maintain the good health of the gut, it is necessary to maintain the good health of the ‘microbiome’ there.

The gut ‘microbiome’ consists of numerous ‘micro-organisms’, some beneficial, some harmful.

The key is to strike a balance between the two. And if it is not there will be stomach upset, ‘Irritable Bowel Syndrome’, ‘Inflammatory Bowel Disease’, obesity and even bowel cancer.

Good gut health can be maintained by maintaining some healthy habits on a regular basis.

A lot of risks can be avoided by keeping an eye on the habits of eating and drinking. For this, some healthy habits should be developed in the morning.

Nutritionist Jane Bruning, spokesperson for the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, said in detail about those habits.

Drinking water

“Water is the most effective way to keep the body hydrated, ” Bruning said in a report published on And drinking water after waking up in the morning is a very beneficial habit.”

Because during this time there is lack of water in the body. Because of which constipation may occur. Even with adequate dietary fiber intake, water is needed. Because fiber cannot do its job without water. So wake up in the morning and drink water.

Drink coffee

“Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning will keep your bowel habits regular, ” says Bruning. Simple coffee is enough to signal the body to have a bowel movement.”

But it’s not just ‘caffeine’ that plays a major role here. Decaf coffee can do the same. Coffee is also beneficial in maintaining the balance of the gut microbiome.

“But be careful with the quantity, ” said Bruning.

Drinking too much coffee is not recommended for good intestinal health. People who are in the habit of drinking coffee in the morning and do not feel any problem, the intestine tolerates and benefits from coffee. But it is not the same for everyone.

So don’t just rely on coffee.

Beverages with edible fiber

“Some beverages contain edible fiber, ” says Bruning. For example, tomato mixed drinks. You can also mix ‘fiber supplement’ in water or drink. There should be a balance of ‘soluble’ and ‘insoluble’ fiber in the diet.”

‘Soluble’ or water-soluble fiber will keep digestion active and ‘insoluble’ or insoluble fiber will facilitate stool removal.

A mixture of the two will be ideal for the intestines. If adequate dietary fiber cannot be ensured from the daily diet, a morning drink containing ‘fibre’ will be extremely beneficial.


A great way to eat fruit is through smoothies. Fruits that will not be eaten throughout the day can be made into smoothies and consumed in one go.

Juicy fruits will provide edible fiber. You can also mix sesame powder, chia etc. Which will provide essential nutrients as well as edible fiber.

If you want more benefits, sour yogurt can be mixed in these smoothies.

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