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Way to use bananas in beauty treatments

Way to use bananas in beauty treatments

The potassium in bananas is good for dry skin and hair. Not only potassium but also a lot of vitamin C and B-6 which are beneficial for hair and skin.

Shahnaz Hussain, the founding director and esthetician of The Shahnaz Hussain Group in India, said in a report published in the Times of India newspaper.

For example, if ripe banana was crushed well, it should be rubbed on the face and hair. Bananas have the ability to replenish decay which helps prevent corrosion caused by the use of chemical ingredients.

Banana keeps the skin taut and helps to rejuvenate while maintaining smoothness.

Benefits can be obtained by mixing yoghurt with banana paste and using it on the packed skin.

This pack is also very useful to remove the roughness of the hair.

One teaspoon of glycerin or honey can be added to keep the hair healthy, shiny and smooth.

Adding wood-almond oil to it also has the same benefits.

Hussein added, “Using a bananas mask is also very beneficial in hair care. It cleanses the scalp and makes it shiny. Bananas also contain vitamins C and B which help in smoothing and softening the hair.

Here are some ways to use a bananas mask.

  • Banana Paste with honey and yogurt to make a smooth mixture. The mixture should be applied on the hair and washed after waiting for 30 minutes.
  • The same pack can be used on facial skin and the skin will be smooth and fresh.
  • Banana also works well when mixed with other fruits. Adding ripe papaya, apple peel and orange peel will also give good results.
  • Papaya contains high enzymes which help in eliminating dandruff from the scalp.
  • Oranges contain vitamin C. So orange juice can be added with banana to maintain balance.
  • Apples contain pectin which is mixed with banana and used as a pack, it helps in cleansing the skin as well as bringing freshness.

Banana is not only a healthy fruit but also equally beneficial for skin and hair.

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