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Ways to control weight by eating outside food

Ways to control weight by eating outside food

Eat delicious food without gaining weight. How would it be!

Eating restaurant food in moderation will keep weight within reach.

Due to lack of time, we often go to restaurants to hang out with friends or just to eat different tastes. Due to the need of work, I have to eat food from different hotels regularly.

It doesn’t take long to gain weight if this lifestyle is continued. And to declare eating forbidden in restaurants because you are gaining weight is like doing injustice to yourself.

So what is the way?

The trick is to strike a balance. Calculating what to eat, how much to eat.

Amount of food

American nutritionist and author of the book “Finally Full, Finally Slim”Lisa Young says, “No one would mind going to a restaurant and ordering a big bowl of pasta, ” says . But eating it all at once is not good for weight control.”

In a report published on, he added, “Restaurant portions are often larger so customers can share. So eating the whole thing would be too much for one. Instead, order more salad or vegetable items with the pasta. After eating all together, pack the rest and take it home to eat another day.”

It is true that eating outside food twice a day, but because of eating less quantity, the reins of weight were also pulled.

Soft drink

Soft drinks, shakes, juices etc. are taken when eating in restaurants. There may also be cultural arrangements for drinking.

If you want to control or lose weight, be careful with any sugary drink. Drink with food.

“Limit yourself to a couple of glasses, And it is better not to drink alcohol. Care must also be taken to see how much soda, syrup etc. is added to the drink.” advises Young.

Eat before eating

Many people have the habit of eating less at other times because they go to eat good or bad at restaurants. If you want to keep your weight under control, this habit should be reversed.

Young said, “If you go to a restaurant with a hungry stomach, you will inevitably eat more food than you need without realizing it. As a result, that one meal will undo the benefits of several days of healthy eating. So before eating outside food, one should eat something else to reduce hunger.”

Skipping meals often leads to weight gain rather than weight loss. The extra food is eaten later.

Start with a salad or soup

If you are going to eat heavy food in a restaurant, you should first order healthy and light food such as soup, salad etc. It will relieve the hunger somewhat. As a result, the heavy food of the ‘main course’ will be eaten less. This way it will be easier to keep the weight under control.

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