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What to do to keep wrinkles at bay

What to do to keep wrinkles at bay

After a certain age, the skin’s protective layer begins to break down rapidly.

Wrinkles can be prevented by eating a variety of foods regularly.

Such problems occur due to not using sunblock regularly, pollution, drinking less water, unhealthy diet etc.

Indian nutritionist and chef Ishti Saluja suggests adding and subtracting certain foods from the diet that reduce wrinkles and help retain youth.

In a report published in, he said, “Processed white sugar should be eliminated first. Replace with healthy alternative sweets. Also, eating enough fruits and vegetables is beneficial.”

And to have a wrinkle-free skin, you have to make a habit of eating certain foods regularly.


Collagen is very important for healthy skin. It is a protein that keeps the skin firm, reduces wrinkles and keeps it healthy.

From twenties onwards, attention should be paid to maintaining collagen levels in the body. Bone ‘broth’ or soup or collagen supplements should be added to the diet.

Bone broth contains minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium, which help strengthen the skin’s protective layer.

Leafy greens

Greens and vegetables rich in vitamin C like spinach, cabbage, lettuce etc help protect the skin from sun and pollution.


Contains polyphenols that keep skin cells healthy. As a result, the skin looks beautiful.

Fresh Ginger and Honey: Ginger contains gingerol which is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. It destroys the bacteria on the skin. A mixture of ginger with honey kills fungus, slows the signs of aging and reduces wrinkles.

Healthy Fats

Vitamins A, D, E and K are fat-soluble vitamins.

Vitamin A regenerates skin cells and increases collagen production. Other fats protect the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Healthy fats include – salmon, avocado, walnuts, ghee, flaxseed, olive oil etc.

Berries or jams: Packed with antioxidants, which work against collagen-destroying ‘free radicals’.


It is a good source of copper which stimulates protein synthesis and stabilizes collagen and elastin present in the skin.


Peas are high in protein. Its ‘isoflavanos’ help keep the skin moist, smooth and firm. The folate in it does not make the skin too dry. And protects against premature aging by producing collagen.


Water works wonders for the skin. Protects adequate body moisture and maintains skin elasticity. As a result, aging is slowed down.

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